52 – week 42 - dessert

This week's theme was dessert.  Immediately I had visions of thick creamy buttercream frosting, stunning fondant covered cakes, chocolate chip cookies, coffee, snacks......... sugarcomagivemenowyumyum

Then I snapped out of it and remembered my "dessert" after dinner is my trusty 100 cal. packs.  Yup.  I'm a mom - who 21 months after giving birth still has about 15 pounds to lose.  Who desperately wants to lose them before baby number 2 so I don't get back up in those dangerously large digits again.  So this is my dessert.  Those teeny, tiny, gone in three bites 100 calorie pack cookies. YUM.

Now visit Kensya to see her dessert pic for this week's project 52 assignment.