Custom Wall Art

Have blank wall space that needs some extra TLC but just can’t find that perfect print? If you love the style of my Fine Art Photography but don’t see something in the right color tone, layout, or just have a great item that you need photographed, I can help.  I love working with people to bring their creations to life.  From a favorite flower, children’s toys, to a hard find color match I can make it happen.  Some of my favorite pieces have come out of my custom orders.

And no need to live in the DFW metroplex, all I need is a picture of the wall you are trying to fill and I can work my magic with an e-session.  From photographing your vision to mocking it up for you to see, I stay connected and can make tweaks and adjustments until we get it just right.  You’ll have access to a personal gallery to view all of the options I come up with.

To inquire about a custom collaboration contact me directly.  I can’t wait to see what we come up with together!

Modern & Clean

Below is a great example of a custom collaboration.  A client wanted her favorite flower, the hydrangea, photographed close up and in a very neutral blue, gray and white color tone.  We knew we needed them to be hung vertically so I put together a gallery for her and she chose her favorite three.  We changed the mock up a few times until we got it just right, then ordered them as museum wrapped canvases and they look gorgeous hanging above her bed.


Custom Photography Sessions start at $100


Heirlooms + Favorite Places and Spaces

Looking for a wonderful way to decorate your home with a piece of art that has meaning?  What about a custom photograph of an heirloom or object that has special value to you or your family? Take the sentimental value to a whole new level, giving life to an item that may be stored in a drawer or memory box.  I photograph any piece of jewelry, furniture, mementos, medals or artifacts that bring warmth to your heart and create fine art for your home.  Read about my FAVORITE heirloom project to date, “The Family Bible.”

Another option is photographing your favorite space or place, from a family barn to a childhood home, street, town, landmark golf course and more. I’m available to travel and love seeing where your passion project takes me.


Playful + Crisp

Kids spaces are no exception for a fun and unique place to create custom art pieces. This wall space was perfect for showcasing favorite toys and activities in a creative way. Black and white was the perfect way to modernize the collection.