52 – week 44 – tradition

It's kind of unbelievable how much things change once you are a parent.  And I don't just mean less sleep, messier house & no alone time.  Random changes that you didn't even see coming.  When I was growing up my nana used to give my brothers and I a new Christmas ornament every year.  There was some local shop that had these little clay precious moment looking ornaments and she loved them.  It'd be October and we'd get the new ornament in the mail. And I'm not gonna lie I thought they were awful.  I groaned every time I got them.  Why would I want an ornament? With the year on it? Who cares?

Cut to 20 something years later, married for 4 years, two puppies one baby and I find myself super eager to get a Christmas ornament each year that represents our family.  I don't just mean eager, I mean like CRAZY EXCITED.  I get about 20 catalogs in the mail every day and I honestly do try to skim all of them.  Each one I open I look right to the ornaments.  Dude, who am I?  Christmas ornaments?! Apparentely it's what flips my skirt so I'm gonna stop fighting it and give in.  A new tradition has been born - the Christmas ornament.  Each year I'm going to wait for that special moment in time that an ornament finds a way into my heart and snatch that beast up for our tree.

These two ornaments are classic cases.  The acorn I got at the Gaylord Texan last year after I took Caden to the Ice show for the first time.  I just had to buy something in the gift shop that I would have forever and remind me of the fun we had that day.

The cowboy boots were a gift from my mother in law.  She bought it in the gift shop of the ranch where Nick and I got married.  Every time I look at these boots on the tree I'm transported back 4 years to the amazing wedding weekend.

OH CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS?!?!!? Why you play me like that?!


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