52 – week 50 – new beginnings

technically it's been 52 weeks for the rest of the project 52 gang but i missed 2 weeks of the project while i was overseas and i can't give up without seeing this thing through to the end!

so my week 50 is "new beginnings" and links to my good virtual friend who i've had now for a WHOLE YEAR!  miss jen bruss Photography - South Carolina Portrait Photographer - http://www.jenniferbrussphotography.com/blog/?p=2846

with the new year comes a new opportunity for you - whatever that may be.  drink less (or more?), eat healthier (or worse?), get on the workout train (you get the idea).  while you mull that over here are a few cute shots to bring a smile to your face.

i'll see you right back here next thursday for 1 of 2 posts i have left to complete my project 52 and THEN i will give you a round up of all 52 images :)