365 Grateful – Day #3 – Rain and Roast

Oh. my.  On this 3rd day I am so grateful for this RAINY, Saturday morning.  It's perfect.  72 degrees outside, overcast, and there's a melodic stream of raindrops on our roof.  This week my stomach has been so upset I haven't had a single cup of my morning coffee.  Ahhhh today.  Today's morning cup was the perfect reunion special.  I grabbed my favorite mug, a hoodie, and sat on my front porch glider sipping in the warmth and watching each drop fall to the ground. Don't ask me why this makes me giddier then a kid on the first day of school, but..... I LOVE that my gutter kind of overflows in the front every time it rains.  I put my watering can under it and wait for it to fill to the brim so I can water my potted plants. It makes me feel like I'm saving money, helping the environment, and.... don't laugh.... it feels like 4th grade science class learning about photosynthesis.  I know. I'm totally insane.