365 Grateful – Day #4 – A little bit country

I absolutely love that on any given day I can make a quick 25 minute drive to my interpretation of "the country" in Westlake, Texas.  Some days that 25 minutes seems like a HOOF.  But once I exit "Dove Rd." and follow the twists and turns around the bend it all becomes worth it.  One of these days I'm going to park my car on the side of the street and photograph my favorite spot, a random stretch of the road where the trees canopy so far over that it looks like they are reaching across the street to hold hands. Tonight - I got to photograph a sweet little one year old just minutes down the road from my second home in the country.  And as the sun began to set I took a second to take a deep breath in and feel nothing but grateful for the beauty that surrounds me and the fact that I can see it any day of the week.