365 Grateful – Day #1 - Gatorade

I'm grateful for my good friend Brett just about any day of the week.  But today especially.  She is one of the kindest, most down to earth people I know and is ALWAYS willing to lend a helping hand.   She went on craving runs while I was preggars, has been a second momma to the pups, cashes in a Friday night to hang with Caden, and the list goes on and on. Today - I am grateful that Brett brought us Pedialyte and Gatorade.  Our entire family (in-laws included) all came down with a horrible flu virus at the exact same time (literally).  I'll spare you the gorey details but will tell you that we haven't been able to leave our house for 4 days now.  We were down to our last cracker and totally hurting for electrolytes.  I texted Brett and within an hour she was at our house with a case of Fruit Punch Gatorade and a bottle of Pedialyte.  If I weren't trying to keep my distance for her own good I would have kissed her.  My entire body is aching, my head is throbbing, and all I can think about is how GRATEFUL I am that Brett came to our rescue.

I love you Brett, and I today I am grateful for your Gatorade.  Amen sister.

*Photo courtesy of www.gatorade.com