365 Grateful - Day #10 - Creative Mama Reminder

One of the ways I try to continue to learn and grow personally is by reading blogs.  You'd be surprised the amount of amazing content that exists via people's blogs.  I have found some truly inspiring ones to subscribe to that really speak to me.  I can't always read them daily, but google reader stock piles them for me so when I do have a free hour I can go back through time and make sure I don't miss anything good. One of my favorite blogs is "The Creative Mama."  It's a blog started by Angie Warren for mothers who also happen to be in the photography industry.  Along the way she has opened the site up to other collaborators so it constantly offers a fresh perspective.  Sometimes you read a post and feel like it was written just for you.

A particular post that I fell in love with was called "the importance of you in photographs."  It was a little reminder that if you stay behind the lens you'll eventually look back and wonder where you were in your family's life.  It's really hard to remember but every once in a while when I do it crashes over me like a wave.  Thanks to this friendly reminder from the Creative Mama blog I have a handful of pictures of me and my son.  I had my mom put my camera on automatic this past weekend and shoot away.  I found one that worked and gave it a little post processing tweak and VOILA, a picture perfect reminder of Caden and I at 8.5 months.