365 Grateful – Day #16 – Friendly Home Depot Staff

Anyone who owns a home or takes pride in where they live spends a lootttttt of time at a home improvement store.  Every time I see the commercial for Lowe's with the newlyweds who experience every natural disaster in their home it reminds me of us!  It feels like each time I turn around something is breaking or dripping or peeling or falling down.  Part of it is the age and quality of our home, but even my parents who have a newer very expensive home have had just as many issues this year.  It's just how home ownership goes I think.  And neither Nick nor I claim to be awesome DIY's  (I totally gave up on reading "this young house"), so each time we venture to Home Depot we are very grateful for their friendly staff.  Today it was a hodge podge of items: random screws, specific sandpaper, door knobs, etc.  And as per usual there was a super friendly staffer there to talk us through it all.  And when you think about it, they really can't get paid that much more than minimum wage, and have you ever been to a retail shop where the workers were that informed on a topic and eager to help?  I just loves it.