5 month progress

Well I finally did it - I caught up Alivia's monthly progress photographs to her current age.  That's pretty exciting stuff people.  She's at such transitional state right now, trying SO hard to crawl and move.  She kicks those legs constantly and rolls to her belly any chance she gets.  She gets so frustrated when her legs move and her arms won't let her propel forward. I know she's excited, but I'm in no rush for her to start moving.  I have a feeling this one is going to be nonstop and quite curious!  But she is just SO giggly and sweet throughout it all, always with a big smile plastered on her face.  She even loves to snuggle her "lovies" (itty bitty blankets I didn't even know existed).   We finally have the hang of rice cereal and I might just introduce some veggies and fruits to her soon.

Caden is still so sweet to her.  He always wants to show her his toys, and tell her what he's playing with.  He will bring her toys to her when she fusses and sing "la la loo" to her.  He's just about the best big brother there ever was.  We spend most of our days with bed head, in pjs, laughing, singing, dancing and playing cars (mostly car crash).  It's such a special time for all of us!