52 - Week 17 - Heritage

This week's theme was "heritage."  At first I was drawn right to something along the lines of my Heirloom Collection.  I've got all this beautiful treasures to leave my children, what shall I photograph today?!  Then I took a deep breath - and thought - that's so warped - that's what I think when I hear heritage?  Do I even remember what heritage means?  Thus, I googled.


1.  Property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance.

2.  Valued objects and qualities such as cultural traditions, unspoiled countryside, and historic buildings that have been passed down from previous generations.

Yes - the first definition was my first thought.  But what about the second.  Traditions.  What truly valuable ideas will I impart on my children - what is one thing that I want them to carry on for generations to come and feel honored to do so?  Marriage.  In today's society of instant gratification and status, people are so quick to rush into marriage.  "We dated throughout college, it's just the next *logical* step."  "Well, so and so has a good job, and they seem to share some of my values, we might as well just give it a *shot*."  I see so many young people (women mostly) excited by the glitz and glamour of a wedding - the registry! the reception!  And in the back of their minds they think "well if it doesn't work out there's always divorce."  That ideology literally hurts my heart.  And I will be truly crushed if that mentality rubs off on my children.
When my husband and I stood before God and all of our friends and family we made a promise.  Til' death do us part.  And when the going gets tough, we'll put on our boxing gloves and swing with fists of fury to fight for the love we share.  That is truly the heritage I want to pass on to my children.  I want to teach them the values of love, how to respect one another, how to care for each other, how to give their whole heart and whole self to one another and above all to do it with God in their corner giving them a sip of water and a spit can (pretty, right?).  I am truly honored to pass this tradition on to my loved ones and even more blessed that I experienced it via my parents as well.

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