52 - week 20 - pattern

have you ever made a decision that in the moment seemed TOTALLY BRILLIANT but later turned out to be pretty moronic?  that is the sad story of me and my favorite pair of shoes - my purple suede prada studded pumps.  it rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it?  it was love at first sight.  i saw them on the shelves at neiman's last call and in a pregnant hormonal surge stupor i ignored the price tag ($850 marked down to $350!) - i ignored the fact that they weren't my size (rationalized in my head that after i lost the "baby weight" they would probably fit) and purchased them.  i thought to myself - these are just so beautiful and that's a steal i just can't pass it up!

so out the baby came - off the baby weight went - and then i realized, ummm DUDE your feet don't shrink in length -  WTH were you thinking?!   straight cinderella's ugly step sister style they WOULD NOT FIT.   i tried to sell them online on more than one occasion - but sadly - no one wanted my $350 prada shoes.  and i wouldn't part with them for a bargain basement deal - so now they sit.  in my guest room.  on display.  like the fine piece of artwork that they are.

sure they taunt me - telling me how dumb of a decision they were - telling me never to make that mistake again.  telling me that they'd pay for this month's groceries -  but aren't they just SO PRETTY?!  and SPARKLY?!  :)

so anywho - these gorgeous gams fit the quota of this week's theme: pattern - and stand for a pattern of bad decision making i hope never to repeat.


go see what patterns you can find on jen bruss's blog:  -  Upstate South Carolina Family Portraiture -  http://www.jenniferbrussphotography.com/blog/?p=1684