52 - week 40 - exploration

This week's project 52 theme is "exploration."  When I think of the word it's so magical and imaginative - taking a walk through the forest photographing whatever speaks to me, navigating far off lands, new towns, sights & sounds.  It's just so VAST and big!  So it's so FASCINATING to me that for my 21 month old - all of that magic and wonder is right outside our front door.  On our humble little street, with no bells, no whistles, just a small stretch of sidewalk.  I open our front door and let him "free" and he hoots and hollers and shrieks.  "A cloud! A car! The grass! Bubbles!!!!"  It is so insane to me that his little face lights up at what I find quite unimpressive and ugly most of the time.  But to him it's a huge new world - every bird, pebble, acorn and blade of grass is new and exciting.  I love seeing the world through his eyes and hope his positive spirit rubs off on me. :)


And even the littlest of explorers gets tired and overwhelmed.

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