52 – week 46 – evening

soooo at the end of this past week my computer decided it was going to give up on life and take a few days of time out. which worked out quite well for me being this is the busiest week for getting out client orders and christmas cards! but i kicked it's butt into gear and now that we are back up and running i can FINALLY post my project 52 assignment for this week - "evening." i took these pictures on monday evening after nick got home. i bought this polar express train for the christmas tree a couple of months ago and kept telling caden we'd put "tommy choo choo" (his name for it) under the christmas tree as soon as daddy was ready. after a few gentle nudges (ahem, nagging episodes) "we" put it together!!! caden is in love with his choo choo and the little figurines that came with it. i'm trying to teach him that tom hanks is in our living room (it's his voice dubbed on the sound system in it).

oh and don't miss my contribution to the evening (around picture number 17). enjoy!