52 – week 49 – stories

by far my favorite type of photography is lifestyle portraiture.  everything about it works for me.  no posing, no real set up, nothing fancy or in your face.  just moments as they are happening and the true emotions that go along with them.  i always say i'd like to just be a ninja photographer - no one even knows i'm there just documenting your in your natural habitat.

and that's EXACTLY what i do in my own home.  moments both big and small - i reach for my DSLR and just start snapping.  some of my FAVORITE shots have come out of moments just like that.  who could forget this shot of caden on a hot summer's day - eating his popsicle showcasing the HORRID at home haircut i had just given him.  i love this shot. l.o.v.e. love it.  i'll always remember the sounds, the smells, everything about this moment b/c i had my handy camera :)

the best thing about this style of photography is they tell a story.  from start to finish you can literally see the story unfold within the frames.  the story could be 4 seconds or 40 minutes long, at any rate when you are finished watching the slideshow you feel like you were sitting right next to me perched on my shoulder.  last night was such an occasion.  this year is really the first year christmas with caden has been *super fun.*  he literally told santa he wanted a "big red race car" and has not stop talking about it for almost two months.  and thanks to lots of pre-black friday deals, coupons and shopping we found him an affordable red race car.  we treked it home and hid it in the closet under the stairs eagerly awaiting christmas so we could give it to him.

last night nick decided he needed to put it together just in case some parts were missing or it needed a tool that we didn't have.   we didn't want to be stuck christmas eve with nothing open and shit out of luck.  so *we* opened her up and put that bad boy together!  i promise i did help a few times, but mostly just squeaked and squealed the whole time about how much fun it was, LOL.

these photos are mostly for me.  so i can remember how much fun nick and i had shopping for it then keeping it hidden this whole time.  every time caden says he talked to santa about it we look at each other and smirk "like hellz yeah we're such bad ass parents, we DID it."  i didn't want to forget that feeling.  i'm pretty sure by the time caden is old enough to go through our photo collection he'll know the truth about santa and won't be too jaded.  or if he sees them before that we'll just tell him that santa was strapped for time so he brought the box to us down the chimney and we had to help a brotha out and put it together for him.

and what evening would be complete without the puppies acting like our children :)



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