52 week 5 - TREASURE

this week's project 52 assignment was "treasure." upon hearing the topic i immediately wanted to photograph one of my statement pieces of jewelry or love momentos from nick.  but that desire was completely trumped when i discovered a hidden treasure lurking in my cupboards...... for those of you who have kids, you can appreciate the daily struggle that is meal time. trying to get them out of their comfort zone, trying new foods, having said food thrown at the floor (or you).  it's really a good time all around.  this week i introduced caden to a morningstar veggie burger.  not because we're vegetarians (b/c we totally aren't), but mostly b/c it's all i have left in the fridge (can i blame the cold weather for my lack of wifely duties).   anywho - as per expected i was met with a grimace and some screaming...... until......  it occurred to me to introduce a new food group.  the condiment.

low and behold i found my treasure for the week.  ketchup.  i raced to the office.  grabbed my camera, and shot away.  don't mind the drama of the succession of photos.  it's cold out, i'm stir crazy, and a little bored.

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