52 week 9 - celebration (of sorts)

This week's project 52 assignment was "celebration."  So when I found out my favorite guilty pleasure, Starbucks, was celebrating their 40th anniversary I knew it was going to be my subject matter.  I got SO excited when I saw the commercials advertising starting today if you came into their store to order a speciality drink they'd give you a sweet treat.  I thought, PERFECT.  Thursday is the due date of my weekly project, I loves me some afternoon bucks, and I'll have a "sweet" shot of something artistically delicious. So Caden and I went off to run our errands and planned on ending at a Starbucks location we hadn't visited yet.  Bonus!  Ummm until we get there and 1 - it was insanely packed (at 3:30?!) and 2 - they didn't have the sweet treats I was promised.  I took it as a sign from God that I wasn't meant to go off of my diet in their honor - so I settled for a "sweetened" iced tea, got Caden his "special drink" (water) and sat outside enjoying my little angel and the 75 degree weather.  I also learned at this moment that Starbucks doesn't have high chairs, so this visit quickly became a celebration of my little man sitting in his first big boy chair!!!!  I'm a total first time momma who still gets CRAZY excited at these mini milestones.  I got a lot of crazy stares wondering why I had an industrial sized camera at an interstate Starbucks.  Just let it go people, it's all about the celebration.

So my image this week is "sort of" celebration.  Celebration of my favorite coffee shop, the shop that kept me going through 4 years of college, getting married, buying a house, having a baby, staying awake after sleepless nights with said baby, migraines, afternoon shopping excursions with my mom, and countless other special occasions (that's where I took my bestees to ask them to be my bridesmaids!).  I've even been to the "original" pike place location and loved every second of waiting in that line just to say I'd been there.  And as always - celebrating my little man and his growth.

Now head over to Melanie Kay Photography - Ventura County Family Photographer - to see what she's celebrating :)