A year ago today I was doped up on epi's

And taking deep breaths, and anxious beyond belief to meet my new little man.  It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and one of these days I'll get around to doing it again.  In celebration of my day of pushing a pumpkin out of a lemon, raising him like a champ for a year, and the greatest little man baby there ever was, we gathered for a sweet little party this past Saturday.

I have to give a MAJOR thanks to all of my friends and family who came and helped make it such an awesome day.  It's just a reminder of how loved Caden is, how many people have been here to help us in this first year, and how many amazing more times there are to have with them all.

Most importantly I have to thank my bestees, Brett Bolin, Karen Segars, Krystal Clemente and Aunt Kim for being my photographers.  When my camera was away getting some play they stepped it up and documented the day (omg I'm such a poet).  I didn't have to worry about it one time, and am so grateful for the moments they captured.  The best present that day by far.

With a little inspiration from Tom Kat studios and major shopping trips to hobby lobby I whipped up a winter wonderland party for my little snowflake.  Big shout out also to Le Popcorn in Southlake, Texas for the flavored carmel corn to coordinate with the theme. Not only were the colors spot on, they tasted super yums and were a party favorite for all to enjoy.

Later today - Caden's final monthly series photo shoot!  Stay tuned for the year end wrap up :( :)