alivias nursery!

It's kind of crazy how this nursery unfolded to be what it is.  As wishy washy as I was deciding on miss Liv's name I was 10x more indecisive when it came to her nursery.  I changed my mind a million times and even after picking her paint color and plastering it on these walls I still wondered if it was the right choice.  I stared at those purple walls for a couple of weeks, wondering what to purchase next and what I would do with it all.  Every other purchase happened some what randomly - I'd see something on a shelf and think I had to have it.  Ultimately I love how it turned out and feel like it's the perfect blend of girlie & pink. ;)

I waited for this amazing glider for 2 long months!  I had seen it in a local boutique and fell in LOVE.  I wanted a chair so badly that both Caden and I could fit in while I fed Alivia - so he never felt left out and got just as many snuggles as she did.  I found this one on a discount site for half the price as retail and still got to get my custom fabric choices. I gotta say it was WELL worth the wait.  I nursed her for the first time today and it was like that chair was designed specifically for us.  So comfy and supportive in all the right places!

Little Castle Inc.

Being that we live in Texas - and the fact that our house is almost 20 years old - air flow is always an issue.  I wanted a beautiful light fixture for her room so badly but there was no way possible I could get rid of a ceiling fan for her comfort.  After some searching online I found this perfect piece!  It gives her room just a hint of glam while getting the job done.  I love it so much!

This is actually a photograph holder I found at Pier 1.  When I saw it I thought it would be such a cute hair bow holder.

These are a few images from my Heirloom Collection and are actually jewelry pieces that belonged to my grandmother.