baby elliott!

I had such a fun privilege that I don't think many ladies can brag about.  One of my absolute best friends and I were pregnant together this past summer both with baby girls.  We spent a whole 9 months together swapping pregnancy woes, comparing sonogram pictures and dreaming of what our girls would be like (we even shared the same obgyn!).  We were so excited to have little bestees who would grow to love each other as much as their mommas did.

And I'm even HAPPIER to report that both girls came along perfectly healthy, beautiful, & looking like their mommas!!  They are just under 4 weeks apart and even better is that they kind of look like each other (but I guess a lot of newborns look like each other, all smooshy and sweet).  I'm so looking forward to many years ahead of us watching them grow and play together & hopefully spending hours at ballet classes watching them prance about. :)

Check out sweet baby girl Elliott and her adoring parents.