bathroom reno

So I know that 1 - I'm not an interior decorator (or design blogger) and 2 - This is a photography blog, BUT I am so just EXCITED about our awesome bathroom renovation I had to share it to anyone who might listen/read.  When we bought our house we knew it was a little outdated for our taste, but we LOVED the bones of the house.  I saw so much potential to make it our own and since we moved in I've had so many ideas to make it our own little paradise.

One of the first projects that has literally kept me awake most nights wanting to fix immediately was our entry bathroom.  It's the main bathroom that every guest sees and uses when they are in our home.  It's kind of a little representation of our house and style.  And ours, well, needed work.  The house was built in 1993 and when you walked into our entry bath you were quite literally transported to 1993.  Brass brass everywhere.  Carpet on the floor. Carpet.  The trim and cupboards were a beige/pink/peach concoction. And for some reason a toilet and vanity that were made for children.  Seriously, our 3 year old could wash his hands in the sink without using any kind of step stool.

I knew that we were going to have to reno it in steps, as we saved up money here and there we would fix what we could as we went along.  The first thing to change out was the basics.  Wallpaper, gone.  Swapped out for "watery" from Sherwin Williams and a platinum white for cupboard and trim. Light fixtures and all brass - replaced!

*Disclaimer - I don't consider these photographs to be of great excellence.  There's no natural light that can get to it and I don't really have a wide enough lens and any external lighting so I dealt with what I had.  No judging please! :)

The cheapest updates were the fixtures and switch plates.  We bought the brushed nickel switch plates on amazon, the brushed nickel door knobs from lowe's and the towel and toilet paper holder from Home Goods.  The mirror was actually a repurposed piece - it used to be the mirror in Caden's room in our old house.  When we moved in to this house I had taken all of the wall art and mirrors and put them in a big empty room to hand pick where I was going to hang each one.  I saw that mirror and knew right away where I wanted it.

The light fixture is kind of my favorite addition.  I couldn't get a good shot of it with the low light but here is the image from the website. I actually found it online at lamps plus and decided to google before I bought it and discovered it was a lower price on Bed Bath and Beyond.  So I bought it online during a free shipping sale and used my handy 20% off coupon!  Savings achieved.

Cashelmara Collection 25 1/2" Wide Bathroom Light

After a few months we had saved up a little more and were able to tear up that carpet and lay down tile! Yay for bathrooms with tile!!  We bought the tile from Lowe's (with a coupon and our 5% off Lowe's card) and hired a local installation company - Cooper Flooring - to come install it!  We LOVE the way it turned out, it ties in the silver and brushed nickel with hints of beige and browns from the light fixture and vanity.

We had originally picked out a similar vanity I found on Home Depot's website, but it arrived broken in a few places and it was just a few inches too short to fit flush on the wall.  So one of my close friends who is a decorator came to the rescue and ordered this beauty for us!  The vanity actually came with a sink attached to it, but we didn't like it so we ripped it off and had her team install our own vessel bowl and faucet with a custom crema marfil countertop.  The sink and faucet we chose came from

And I can't forget a major pick up - our elongated toilet! A much taller base with a toilet seat that slowly closes itself.  I still want to look for little accessories that fit a little better, but overall I'd say this bathroom is 99% complete!  Check that off the list.