Boy Mom

I absolutely love that I am blessed enough to have both a boy and a girl.  I keep discovering things I never knew about myself and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.  Case in point - bugs.  I hate bugs.  I'm that girl that sees a bug, does a standing leap jump onto a table and hollers for someone to come kill it.  I don't even like to vacuum them up because I have nightmares of them crawling back out when I least expect it.  But I have a son.  A son who lovvvesss finding bugs, especially roly polys, a bug that I particularly hate (for justifiable reasons that I won't gross you out with *shudders*).  He would capture every roly poly he could get his hands on, and always insists that I "come see" each one.  And although I still refuse to touch them, and make my husband kill them if they enter the house, I'm getting to the point where I can at least look at them up close through a lens (a very long lens that allows me to stay far away still).  Also see this picture I took of a bug either use the restroom or possibly laying an egg???