Covet thy Stuff

Day two without my camera and to fill the void I've reverted back to my old obsession, shopping.... Like riding a bike it came back to me with such ease.  The adrenaline rush you get when you lock eyes with that gorgeous jacket.  The daydreams you have of yourself alone on a beach dressed like a goddess adorned with bangles and sunnies. Then BAM. Reality check..... Girllllll you can't afford any of this sh&$.  Let alone a vacation to rock all this treasure.  Get it together!

Here are the pieces that be still my heart.

Stunner - I'm totally obsessed with hair accessories, especially headbands.  I'm a total wannabe bohemian.

BANANAS - between the heel and the woven-ness I'm sold.  Wrap it up!

I. DIE. - the basic every woman should own.  a trench.  the dramatic cut and the feminine ruffles.  forget about it.

str8 up GANGSTER.  i may just bite the bullet and buy these bad dogs.

da bomb - 1. rebecca minkoff initially stole my heart when i started at neiman's.  and 2. she continues to wow me time and time again.  im a sucker for ivory and navy.

just plain rosey - i've wanted a rose gold watch to complete my series.  i've got this one in black and white already.  loves it. 

last one - PROMISE.  i don't think i personally could get away with these b/c my feet are literally the size of texas.  and when you stretch things out to be a size 11 they no longer look cute but instead just look RIDICULOUS.  but i could see jackie o rocking these at cape cod when she was a teen.