"end" of summer

I realize what you are thinking - "end" of summer?  Summer isn't over.  It was 108 degrees today.  It's true, but in the photography world - just as in any industry - you've always gotta be moving forward and thinking ahead.  And although it's still beastly hot outside you can't fight the fact that it's almost SEPTEMBER.  Kids started school, days are getting shorter, and soon we will have to actually shift those clocks back an hour!  Before you get whisked away in the hub bub of school lunches, PTA meetings, fall catalog launches, and westminster dog shows (I know right?), add one more post-it note to your desk - schedule fall photoshoot! Christmas cards, holiday gifts, decor changes, are all going to be here before you know it so why not take some of the pressure off and reserve your family photo session so you can rest easy (I know you were super worried about it).

Don't have the budget for a full photo session - consider a mini session - coming this fall!  The perfect family portrait the no-fuss no-muss style.  Email me for more information!

And if that all wasn't enough information for you - I'm a featured blogger on a photography website posting tomorrow!  Here's a sneak peek from the session featured, but check back tomorrow for the link and full post!