Europe - the self portrait edition

So I've decided the blogging portion of my Europe trip is going to have to be broken down into MULTIPLE sections to 1 - get all the good stuff in and 2 - insure that these posts are 3 days long in text.  The first edition I've entitled "the self portrait edition."

By now I'm sure everyone has perfected the art of the self portrait using their cell phone or small digicam device.  But I'm going to go ahead and give myself a huge pat on the back because I believe (after this trip and an insane amount of practice) that I've perfected the DSLR self portrait.  Extremely dangerous as if I ever dropped the 7 lb. beast I'd be in a state of deep depression from the "medical bills."  We tried so many times to ask strangers to take our picture at major monuments and every time the result was half of our heads not even centered with a glimmer of our background in site. I mean REALLY people - how hard is it to just look through the hole and press the button.  Apparently - it's brain surgery. And I am the McDreamy of the photography world.  So here is a basic overview of our entire European adventure - the self portrait edition.  Enjoy!!!!