Holiday Traditions

[slideshow]Since the day Nick and I walked down the aisle and became a family, I've been so excited about all the memories and traditions we would create.  Our first few Christmases together as a married couple were amazing.  Putting up our tree, buying ornaments, dressing the girls (our two pups) up in insane santa costumes.  Then came Caden, the latest extension of our family.  And a whole new experience began.  All those amazing memories we had as children (putting out cookies for santa, stockings, gift exchanges) were about to start all over again for a new generation of kids.  Our kids.  This season I've been OBSESSED with hearing all about everyone's childhood memories and holiday traditions (good and bad), so we could start building some of our own!  P.S. I totally just heard about "Elf on a Shelf" and I'm FO SHO gonna add that to our to do list next year.

Today I also volunteered to host Christmas Eve at our house!  Dinner, drinks and possibly an Xbox Kinect tournament...... I get so excited to entertain (and a little manic) and who knows, maybe this year I'm starting the tradition of Christmas Eves at my house. 

What are some of your favorite memories and traditions from the holiday season?