home office face-lift

If you ask my husband - he'll tell you that our house is perfect, not a thing could possibly be done to make it any better.  And for the most part he'd be right.  But ask me - a type A perfectionist/over achiever - there is ALWAYS something else that can be done in this place!  Case in point - our home office.  I absolutely loved what I did with it when we first moved in (did I mention I didn't sleep for about the first year we lived here b/c I was up all night painting, decorating and putting things in their place?).  But I always felt like the office wasn't "finished." I thought that one day I would add one more color to the black, white and red motif.  I'd add curtains, art on the wall, etc.  Then about two weeks ago I woke up with that fire under my A$%.  It was time.  It's been 3 years, I spend a good majority of my time in that office now that I work from home.  I was off - woman on a mission coming through!!!



Because I was unable to convince my husband that this facelift was necessary I had next to no budget to work with so there were only a couple of tweaks I could do to it.  The last color I decided to bring in was teal (if you've seen the rest of my house you'd know that I'm a little obsessed with blues - mostly teals).  The first place to bring it in was CURTAINS.  I love curtains.  And lighting fixtures.  Ohhhh lighting fixtures..... Anyway - curtains.  After a couple of hours of looking online I went to an old stand-by: Z-gallerie.  And there they were - in all their tealicious glory.  My. Curtains.

Next came the book case - it never quite fit the office.  It was a piece that came from college and was ready for a new home (it's for sale if you want it).  I had a vision of a perfectly antiqued white unit with teal undertones.  It couldn't look too vintage because then it would stick out like a sore thumb against the simple lines of the Pottery Barn desks.  After looking through some consignment/vintage shops I decided I wouldn't find what I wanted for as cheap as I needed it to be.  So I went to my haven - target - bought a $30 unit and decided to make it what I needed.  Before I put it together I painted the back panels a gorgeous aquamarine color to match the new curtains (Martha Stewart Paint collection for Home Depot).

I loved the matching his/hers diplomas of ours - and I'm still not sure how to get them back on display.... but that's neither here nor there.  The room was so tiny it needed opened up - case in point - a mirror!


I'm OBSESSED with writing.  Writing devices, writing utensils, paper, pens, pencils, you name it.  Which is odd because according to Nick my handwriting is illegible.  I've always wanted a full wall sized dry erase board - but Nick wouldn't like that and it wouldn't look as pretty - so I scoured google then Etsy to find me a beautifully vintage inspired one.  And of course - I FOUND ONE!  Isn't this thing a piece of beauty?  The Artist is "Revived Vintage" - Amy from Huntington, West Virgina.  She was SUPER sweet - totally accessible, had a quick turn around time and I was very pleased with my purchase.  She even went to Home Depot and bought the same paint I used to paint the inside of the book case so they would match perfectly :)


Last was the art on the wall - I seriously went back and forth on this.  Should I get family portraits canvased?  Should I do text/script?  I found an awesome Etsy artist that custom makes script words.  If you are on pinterest they you've seen his "shut the front door" piece.  I was two seconds away from either doing "holla" quite largely or asking him to do "you got this."  But then I decided it'd be way cooler to just put up a scenic image from my artistic collection.  I took this picture pre-caden.  Nick and I went for a walk for no reason back on the Campeon Trails.  I loved that it was a late November day and it was warm enough to walk in shorts, a tee and feel a warm breeze.  Looking at this picture just reminds me of where Nick and I have been and where we are going.


Okay - enough talking - here are the rest of the pictures.  Just bought a couple of little teal accent pieces for the desk :)