it only took two years....

one of my absolute favorite shots to get of a child is the sleeping pose!  which to date i've never been able to get of my child for a few reasons.  1 - he's a super light sleeper and i've always been to afraid to wake him up.  2 - since the day we brought  him home he's taken every nap and slept every night in his crib. no sleeping bed shots!  3 - to aid in his sleep habits we have his room DARK. beyond dark.  walls are a dark brown.  curtains are velvet and dark and we always close up the window tight so there's not an ounce of light in there.

then randomly last week it happened.  i had to wake the little man up from his nap early so he could make his hair cut appointment (i know).  i went in and opened up the blinds, pulled back the curtains, and started whispering for him to wake up.  he didn't budge.  not one bit.  i talked to him, the dogs came in, nothing.  so naturally i freaked out and RAN downstairs to grab my camera.

i didn't even take the time to get settings perfect - i just got them close and started snapping.  i got just a few before he woke up but i'm pretty pumped.  i finally have a few photos of my sleepy boy. :)