Macro Butterflies [Fine Art Photography]

Around the 10th day of my shingles debacle I was totally stir crazy.  When I laid in bed I felt every bit of discomfort, and I continually thought about my Nana lying in her own bed at the same time, slowly dying.  It was overwhelming and dark.  Having experience battling depression I knew I needed to leave my bedroom and get some fresh air.  On some of my darkest days I've made my way out back and just sat in my rocking chair.  Feeling the sun on my legs, listening to the wind whistle through the trees.  I know that God created all of this intricately designed nature for our very benefits, and this day was no exception.

I shuffled out my back door to see that the 3 small penta plants I have in my yard had somehow turned into a butterfly observatory.  There were an insane amount of butterflies out there that appeared out of nowhere.  They were fluttering and flying about in hyper speed, as if they were on a mission that needed completed immediately.  I couldn't believe my eyes.   I plant these same pentas EVERY summer, and not once have they attracted butterflies like this.  I sat on the ground, at their level, in total awe.  I watched them prance about and felt a total calmness wash over me.  For about 15 minutes I just sat there, in silence, observing them.  My presence had no affect on their work, they even bumped into my arms and hair as they furiously worked.  For that short amount of time I felt free.  My mind was clear and I was at peace.

Butterflies often represent endurance, change, hope, and life.  I'm choosing to believe those little guys came to see me for a reason.  They gave me a reminder to keep on going, no matter how thick the fog, and to step outside to see what lies just a few steps away from you.

I decided to add some of these to my Etsy shop. In case anyone needs a calmness brought over their own lives via some wall art. :)