more smartiness from Pinterest

Last week I shared with you some innovative and insanely creative ideas that I have stumbled upon during my time on Pinterest.  Of course there is no end to the amount of ideas out there so without further adeu I present part 2 of my smarty pants pinning post.

Fun outdoor activity for kids - using FLOUR to create shapes in yard.  Fun for party decor too.  Create a fun walkway.



Gluing lace and ribbon on old mason jars for a pretty, french country look for the mantle.



So thoughtful and cute.  Baby's first Christmas? Or until baby's hand no longer fits on the ornament :)



Simple Magnet strip on the inside of a cupboard or medicine cabinet.

I have an insane amount of bobby pins strewn all over my bathroom drawers, etc.  This would be lovely. :)


Painted clothes pins to hold your Holiday cards.  Genius!



Buy a simple curtain rod to hang your gorgeous framed family photos. Pretty, innovative and simple.



Using a doorknob to tie back your curtains.  I see these doorknobs at Anthropologie all the time wishing

I could use them somewhere in the house.



Get some twigs from outside - spray them with glitter spray paint.  Holiday decor.  Bing bang boom.


Using your tomato cage from the garden to string Christmas lights on for out front.  You aren't using the

cage again until summer anyway.



Using a wreath to spell out Joy.