Mother's Day Special

Can you even believe that it's already the first week in April?  I don't know about you, but for me this year is FLYING by.  Which means Mother's Day is quickly approaching!  This year it falls on May 8th (only one month away).  Now that I'm a mom (especially one who likes attention and lots of pampering) I know how important it is to be celebrated for all your awesomeness.

In honor of all the hard working moms out there I'm having a Mother's Day Special for the month of April: $100 off my session fee.  And to make it super easy on husbands and kids they can just purchase a gift card for the session fee to be redeemed any time during the year 2011.  So no worrying about coordinating anything (us moms still like to be in charge of that stuff).

So be the good husband or child you are and get her something realllllll good!  Or be a proactive wife and send this link to your good husband or child so they can take advantage of this sweet offer for you.