Photo Face Lift - Hawaii 5.0

It's been a while since I made a post about my Photo Face Lift services.  But I loved the way my most recent series turned out that I just had to share!  These images came from a couple's honeymoon, taken a few years ago, on a digital camera of theirs.  They loved how beautiful Hawaii was and wanted to display some of them as art on their walls, but the quality of the shots were a little lackluster.  Enter Photo Face Lift!

I spent some time sprucing up their wonderful images, which they were thrilled with.

After I edited the images for the client, I had her send me a picture of the space she wanted the photographs to go.  I was able to mock up the images on the wall so she could visualize what the final product would look like.  In her case, the original images were taken on a low resolution digital camera but she wanted them on museum wrapped canvases.  So I suggested the canvases be 8x10 or 11x14 size at the largest as to not lose the integrity of the photograph.  She loves the way they turned out which makes me so happy :)

If you are interested in having any of your images Photo Face Lifted please contact me today!