Saint Valentine

Valentine's Day is now coming to an end but hopefully your romance lives on until the next holiday.... Easter?  Just in time to score a great new bonnet?  Hope you were able to carve out a little time for love today.  And if you weren't, there's always tomorrow.  Don't be lazy.  Yes, I'm talking to you. If you need a little motivation, look no further than photos from my recent session with Lauren and Alex Rodgers.  When I asked them to write each other a love letter for our shoot they didn't hesitate for a second!  I wanted to photograph a little taste of their love and boy did I get what I asked for.  At one point I had to put the camera down and compose myself, their words were so unbelievably moving.  They are such a beautiful, real, and down to earth couple.  I was so blessed to spend a gorgeous morning with them. Thanks guys!