continuing on with my weekly submissions for project 52, this week's theme was "simple." caden's b-day party was almost two weeks ago, at which i got these balloons stuck up in the tree in our front yard.  for some reason i haven't wanted to get them down. i'm a weirdo and think it's fun watching the progression of them deflate.  each day we take the dogs for a walk, as we round the bend headed back home, we get a kick out of seeing those colorful balloons in our front tree.  caden points up at them and laughs, nick comes home and comments on them, and every time i walk into my bedroom i see them through the window and it makes me smile.

it's something so crazy simple, a $1 balloon, that for two weeks has stirred up emotion, conversation, laughs and jokes within our family.  as i type this i'm staring at them through the window and realize their life is almost run out. can't wait to see what peaks our interest next :)


view from the top of our stairs: