So much to blog!

So little time!  I'm about 3-4 photo shoots behind on blogging - I greatly apologize to all my fantastic clients.  There have been so many wonderful sessions and favorites to post.  My blog seems to be the first thing to take a hit in the time crunch these past few months.  Man - realistically the last 9 months.  But I'm slowly getting closer to getting a little of my old groove back.  And what a great session to put up.  This sweet baby girl Stella was a *newborn* session but because she was a preemie didn't get to have her shoot until she was almost 2 months old.  We were quite productive that day and I even helped mom hang her nursery artwork that she hadn't had time to do.  It was too cute not to hang for these beautiful shots.  And major shout out to this little bean's papa who busted out his super tall ladder every time I had an idea that required I be 10 feet tall :)