So Two Thousand and Late

When the amazingly witty blogger Jill Krause from Baby Rabies asked me to photograph her newest addition I was pretty stoked.  Her no nonsense approach to pregnancy and motherhood instantly had me hooked and I decided I'm pretty much going to be her bestee for life (she just doesn't know it yet...)  As her due date approached I was getting more and more excited and stalking her blog and facebook page like whoa.  Anddddd nothing happened.  For like a week.

Sweet little Leyna Lorelei (how awesome of a name is that?!) definitely took her sweet a$# time getting here, but when she finally arrived she was like BOOM BOOM POW check out how awesome I am!  She only had one mini freak out session when we tried to strip her down but that's to be expected.  I mean she was just in the worlds warmest coziest napping spot for 9 months and now we've yanked her out and thrown a crazy hat on her head.  She did awesome.  And once her big bro Kendall woke up from his nap he joined in on the fun and had to show me how freaking adorable he is too.

All in all - another fun afternoon hanging with some awesome peeps.