texas bluebonnets

one of my absolute FAVORITE things about our life in texas are the gorgeous wild flowers that grow each spring.  they are EVERYWHERE.  driving along the highway, taking caden to school, simple grocery and errand runs are all met with a gorgeous colorful landscape and calming aromas.  i can't get enough!  a tradition here is photographing your family each year in the bluebonnets - a beautiful backdrop to document their growth each year.  this year went MUCH better than last.  i actually thought it would be worse - as my now 2 year old toddler has a mind of his own and tends to run away every time i bring out my camera.  but we had so. much. fun.  he literally frolicked through the field picking flowers and running them over to me to carry.  he preferred the yellow ones to the purple ones and upon finding a ladybug exclaimed "dont go away ladybug!" i mean..... does it get any cuter?!

last year i had 1-2 pictures that were good - as he literally balled his eyes out the entire time and refused to put down his match box cars.

but this year - yeah i had 85 that i fell in love with. 85! i'll spare you the entire bunch but here are my top picks.  enjoy!