The Master Plan that Started it All [Fine Art Flower Photography]

Like many of my projects, this one stemmed from my desire to redo some portion of my home.  I'm a bit obsessed with home decor and feel like I will never truly be "finished" with this house.  Over the past year I've slowly made updates to our master bedroom to make it more colorful (surprise, surprise) and a little more peaceful.  One of the final elements it needed was new artwork.  I've had some classic black and white photography on the walls and I was ready to brighten up the art along with my throw pillows. :)

Like the rest of the walls in my house I first turned to the onset of fine art photography I have in my current collection.  But nothing was speaking to me. I knew I wanted plant life but wanted something a little more modern and simple.  Enter $20 of flowers and a macro lens.  Once I got going there was no turning back.  I even kept going and added some agate stones for my dining room walls.  I'm thinking I'll probably print some of these as squares, canvases or framed prints.  Give me another 2 weeks and I'll probably have them hung and ready for display/instagram.  Until then, here they are, the final few that made the cut.  Let me know if you have any favorites I can add to the Etsy shop.

Also, I totally just grabbed a bunch of stems from the grocery and inspected them more upon arriving home.  I geeked out when I noticed that the one stem of ranunculus I grabbed had 3 buds, one in each stage of growth.  I mean, that’s the perfect scenario for someone who has no patience or time to keep a bud alive in hopes of capturing it’s unique growth pattern. #winning

Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0001.jpg Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0002.jpg

Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0015.jpg

Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0005.jpg

Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0006.jpg Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0007.jpg Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0008.jpg Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0009.jpg Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0010.jpg Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0011.jpg Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0012.jpg Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0013.jpg Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0014.jpg

Dallas Fine Art Photographer_WallArt_0003.jpg