What I Want Now

Today was a total wifely duty day.  Including but not limited to laundry, dishes, picking up 3 months of dog poop from the yard, pulling weeds, sending my camera in for repair, and the list goes on and on and on..... But when I got the mail from the mailbox I found some of my favorite magazines/catalogs had arrived.  For a few minutes I got lost in a sea of wants and wishes.  I dreamt of what it'd be like to just hop online and buy them all (there was a time when I actually did that!).  Some of them were just so good I just had to share:

Sweet Memories Satchel - Anthropologie (I would sell my left arm for a shopping spree in this place).

San Miguel Lanterns - Serena and Lily (this would include an entire bedroom makeover of course, b/c as of now they don't really match anything).

Diaper Covers - I'd love a whole slew of these.  Knits and prints galore.  For my photoshoots.