365 - Day #20 - Handyman

Not a lot of people have the luxury of having their own personal handyman.  Mine happens to be my brother, Greg (who coincidentally is also my gardener).  Pretty much anytime anything breaks down or goes awry in our house and Nick doesn't have time to tend to it, we call in for back up!  Our handyman.  Today the handyman was on call to fix our very old, very worn front door.  The wood was decrepit, the door knob was falling off, and the weather strip was, well, non existent.  Just a few hours later (and a few hundred dollars at home depot) and we've got ourselves a new and improved door!!!!  It not only looks much better, but I'm pretty sure it's a lot harder now to break in to our home. :)  Thanks handyman, I am grateful for your time and talent. Before (last year shot):