365 Grateful - Day #21 - 3G Hotspot

First, I'd like to preface by saying, until today I didn't actually understand how this worked or what it did.  But now I know, and I am grateful for it!!  I found myself stuck somewhere that had no internet, but I had a lot of work to do and lots of time to kill.  So I called my resourceful husband and he walked me through the process of using it!  I was able to use my phone's 3g Wifi capabilities to create a network to access the internet based on my phone's service connection.  It worked GREAT, and was super easy to set up.  Days like this I feel like an 80 year old thinking "technology today is so cool!"  So thanks to the hubs for getting me a phone with this feature, knowing how to use it, and having the patience to walk me through it. DROID!