365 Grateful – Day #12 – Easel does it

I have the opportunity to set up a large display for my business at a shopping event at a country club next weekend.   I am super stoked!   But being that I am just starting out and don't have all the necessary display items I've been working day and night to prepare.  I mentioned to my mom that I needed to shop for some easels to hold some prints that I'm having made and she said "Don't buy any! I have plenty!"  Boy she wasn't kidding. This morning I got a photo text message from her that these were just a "few" and that she has many more scattered throughout her house.  It's the little things in life, but seeing all of these easels got me all warm inside.  I can't wait to try them all out and put together one stellar display.

Thanks mom, I am grateful for your insane amount of easels and that fact that you are always there for me no matter what the strange request is.