365 Grateful - Day #13 - Power to the Playlist

At some point in everyone's life you hit a crossroad and must make a major life decision.  Do I turn left, turn right, freak out, stay calm, give up, move forward.  I know I am so *young* and I've already dealt with way more than I ever imagined.  Stay in Chicago or move on?  Stay at my job or leave?  Start a new business or no?  Breastfeed or bottle feed?  Team Edward or team Jacob?  I mean really.  Sometimes it's just too much for me to handle.  In times of trouble and strife I always find that music gets me through.  For every single situation I can make myself a playlist to help me make my decision, cope with the outcome, and more forward.  I've found myself at another life crossroad, debating daily which way to turn and the only thing bringing me any kind of comfort is my playlists.  Today I am forever grateful for my favorite artists who can make me laugh, cry or just jump around the house looking like a freaking idiot dancing the angst out of my soul.

Today's playlist:

"Alice" - by Avril Lavinge from the Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack

"Animal" - by Neon Trees

"Wide Open Spaces" - by The Dixie Chicks

"Stop this Train" - by John Mayer

"Layla" - Derek and the Dominoes

"Sweet Dreams" - Beyonce