365 Grateful - Day #24 - Grapes

An odd one, yes, but for some reason today when I was eating a really ripe, delicious batch of my favorite fruit I felt inclined to give thanks for their existence.  After all, this is all about finding gratitude in places you some times take for granted.  So day 24 was all about the grape. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am really bad at eating healthy.  I'm a finicky eater across the board and there is a small handful of fruits that I even like (no melon, of any kind!).  Grapes have been one of my faves since I was little.  Red or green.  And every so often you get a really good bunch that you can devour in one sitting.  Ask my hubs and he'll tell you "grapes aren't good for you."  Don't even get me started........  But I loves me some grapes and today that's what I'm thankful for.