365 Grateful - Day #25 - Taking time to smell the flowers

Since I became a homeowner I've tried desperately to become an avid gardener but keep falling short.  Each season I get inspired by other beautifully landscaped homes and businesses and declare that it's time to update my potters and beds.  After a blissful (and expensive) trip to home depot I come home with a carful of winners!  I find the perfect spot for each plant, put them in some dirt, give them a quick drink of water and sit back and marvel at my work. Cut to 3 weeks later when I've forgotten to water them a handful of times, they need dead headed and weeds have grown all around them.  Then I get sad and wish I had more time and energy to keep them beautiful longer (my laziness really plays a part in their demise).  It's a viscous cycle that I keep vowing to break, and who knows maybe one day in the near future I will.

The point of this crazy rant is that when they are alive and kicking, flowers and plants bring me SO much joy.  Smelling their aroma in the air, seeing their colors through the window each morning, just having them surrounding me brings a huge smile to my face.  I'll never give up hope that I'll keep them alive longer each time and will always strive to have a beautifully manicured garden worthy of a magazine spread one day.  I am grateful for their splendor and my insane determination to keep them a part of my every day.