365 Grateful – Day # 6 – Recall yourself

okay so technically i could be MORE grateful if there had never been a recall in the first place.  but in the spirit of turning lemons into lemonade, i've gotta say, i was very delighted today when i opened my front door to get the mail and saw these two large boxes on my doorstep. of course out of the small group of similac that was recalled, caden's was part of that batch.... and of course i buy it in bulk from sam's club so i was stuck with 4- 32 oz. containers of it.  but i wasn't expecting abbott to be so helpful in aiding the refund process.  as soon as i found out about the recall i went to their website, entered the pin numbers and filled out my form that said "yes sir, i do have 4 bottles of beetle juice that i'd like to return."  a little message popped up that said "we will be sending you a fedex label within the next 3 business days."  i was kind of annoyed as i checked my email the past couple of days thinking "uh how long does it take to email a fedex label." in addition to "where the heck am i going to find a box big enough for all this formula."  but those little stinkers were being much more helpful than that!!!!!  they used the REAL MAIL.  and sent not only the two labels, but empty boxes with packaging supplies and an apology letter.  i was actually pretty stoked.

so today - i am grateful for a business that sees they've made a mistake and goes above and beyond to apologize and make the stressful situation a little easier to swallow.  thank you similac.  thank you. :)