365 Grateful – Day # 7 – Saline & Aspirators

I didn't bother taking a photograph of this handy little device, b/c well, it's been used all day and night to suck boogers out of my kids nose.  But I am super grateful for its existence.  The pediatrician said we couldn't use medicine to fix little man's runny nose, but it's seriously a leaky faucet that can't be stopped.  Last night his congestion woke him up twice in the middle of the night and both times the saline spray and the aspirator came to his rescue. At first I was totally grossed out by both of them and ran in the other room and told Nick it was a man's job and to get on it.  But I finally got over the grotesque sounds it makes and realized quickly how much relief it brought Caden (after he finished fighting me and screaming of course).   I even got over the fact that my shirts have been a personal hankerchief for him and embraced the fact that I have been covered in spit and boogs.  It makes me feel like a real mom snuggling him up tight after peaving him off with that thing.

If you count how many times I've used the saline spray and the nasal aspirator today you'd see my gratitude is plentiful.  And thanks to who ever sat around one day and discovered how to extract mucus without the use of a kleenex.  Thank you mister snotsucker.  Thank you.