365 Grateful - Day #8 - Vets who care

Sorry about the lateness of posting this!  Yesterday was a very trying day and I ended up in bed super early.  That being said, it was one of those days where I needed this grateful blog more than ever.  One of those days when you feel like the world is against you and you're fighting to find a shred of happiness to keep your spirits lifted.   Yesterday, I was grateful for my veterinarian's office and their helpful phone call to remind me that Gidget's vaccinations were due.

I consider myself to be a rock star dog owner.  I spoil them, love them, keep them groomed, walk them, feed them well.... toot toot my own horn I love my dogs.  I have a friendly reminder on my calendar at the beginning of each month to give them their heart worm pills and flea/tick treatments, but even this hyper organized woman misses appointments here and there.  If it weren't for the offices of Valley Ranch Animal Clinic I would totally forgotten that little Gidge was past due on her yearly vaccinations.  Which would have left her vulnerable for getting sick.  Which would make me sad.  So I am SUPER grateful that their awesome staff cares about her well being and can help keep us on track and make life a little easier. :)