52 wednesdays - week 1 - 'morning'

After the smashing success of project 52 last year I've decided to give it another go for 2012.  I'm actually the facilitator this year of a great group of ladies who are all new to the project itself.  A lot of them are super new to blogging as well and have just now set up their first blogs for this very project.  I'm super excited to see what everyone has in store for us and how long everyone can keep up!  This year the posts will occur on Wednesdays.  (I'm aware that today is Tuesday, but I needed to show the ladies how things will go so I'm posting the first one today for them to view.)

For those of you who didn't follow last year - project 52 is a year long assignment for documenting life's little moments.  One theme a week, every week for an entire year.  We're given a week to photograph whatever the theme means to us then we all link to each other's blogs creating a giant circle.  You can start at any person's blog and you'll always end up back where you started.  You'll have fun, meet some great women from across the world (yes world we've got international ladies here!) and see some stunning photographs along the way.

Please note - due to differing time zones the circle may not be complete until late in the day.

Without further adieu - I give you week 1 - "morning."  This is just a little glimpse of what our morning looks like - just me and the little man. :)



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