valentine's day loot

I've been so inundated with advertisements for Valentine's Day presents that I am now coveting some of these treasures!  Damn you mass marketing and consumer driven e-commerce.  You blow my mind daily.

I just couldn't keep these goodies to myself!  If any men happen to see this I think your significant others must like these!

Custom made beaded leather bracelets.  You see these all over nowadays but I love that these have those simple sweet initials charms.

Available on Etsy.


Love votive candle gift set - with a victorian font and a sweet vanilla scent - these would look good year round in a guest room or even bathroom.

Available at Pottery Barn.


love pillows.  available in "love," "amore" and "je taime"  so sweet. and you know i'm a sucker for some chevron along with it

Available on Etsy

Cara "Camilla" Headband.  This one looks super lightweight and thin - which cuts down on the headache possibilities :)

Available at Nordstrom


Oxford Aidan's - I've been coveting the oxfords for about 2 years now.  Only problem for me ? I wear a women's size 12.  Soooooo it pretty much just looks like I'm wearing my husbands shoes.  But this pair? Has a little feminine flair.  Cute.

Available at Nordstrom


Lavendar Heart Wreath.  I wanted this last year so badly.  I'm not sure why I didn't get it? But I'm loving that they brought it back again.  So sweet.

Available at Williams-Sonoma


Kendra. Scott. Everything and anything from Kendra Scott will fill your stomach with massively winged butterflies.

It was literally love at first site for me - the day I walked into the flagship boutique in Austin. I wanted EVERYTHING in there.

I walked away with 3 of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I without fail get compliments on every. single. time.

Right now I'm loving on her emerald pieces.


And lastly..... this is not available for sale in any store.  But who WOULDN'T want Ryan Gosling for Valentine's Day?

answer = no one.